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I'm Chris, a web developer based in Adelaide (Australia).

I've been building websites and web applications professionally since 2005 (personally, since the late 90s). My projects page has some side projects I've been working on as well as a selection of other websites I've built.

For most of that time, I've worked full time as lead developer of Arris Marketing Communications, more recently as developer at Superloop.

My first semi-professional website was a static HTML site for my local church back in 2004. Since then it has gone through several iterations, currently running on a custom built WordPress theme. Since then, I've developed a range of sites using different platforms.

On the backend, I prefer to use Laravel for custom web applications, or WordPress for more straight-forward websites. I have also built sites using static HTML, custom PHP, Joomla, Drupal, and OpenCart.

On the frontend, I'm comfortable with CSS/Sass (either custom or using frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, TailwindCSS etc), and VueJS.

Majority of projects I've been involved in have required custom layouts designed in collaboration with graphic and UX designers. I have then completed the development and implementation of the project from the approved design.

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